Nala typing doggie coderI initially created this blog to post about general interest. However, as of 2015 I’m reserving this site for technology posts. This is a transformation that has been in the works since I first learned to code basic DOS and dbase-III when I was a data entry person, many, many, many moons ago.

I love to learn and will be sharing about my experiences and the things I read or hear about regarding technology and learning how to code, the challenges and opportunities for those with little to no experience in coding.

I have a mix of interest and other blogs on various topics including: FoodieForever.com, CraftyGardenGirl.com, Bible2Blog.com – My Examiner articles for Cooking, Travel, Disney, Christian Living and Gardening can be found by clicking here on my about me page: Monica Lehua

Born and raised in Hawaii, now living near the big mouse in Orlando. I’m a freelance writer, program development strategist, wordpress enthusiasts and inspiring coder.

I hope you’ll find a little bit of Aloha everywhere you go.

~ just Moni

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Things I learn in a techie world

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