Hour of Code: Can your kids get a coding job after playing video games?

It’s the Fourth of July in America and while most people are prepping for their annual picnic, bbq and fireworks – we’re just lazily waiting for the time to leave to join friends for a get together. (I cooked and prepped all yesterday so I’m good.)

angry birds codingAnyway, I’ve been lazy this past week and need to keep learning code so I’m turning to Hour of Code from Code Studio, which has fun ways to teach beginners at any age to learn to code. Sure it’s easier than taking some of the other code courses online but if you’re having a “slow brain” day and you want to keep the momentum of learning – take a mental break and do one of these tutorials. It’s fun, not very hard on the head and a good way for your kids to get involved in the process of learning.

By the way, how many hours does your kids sit and watch TV or play games on their electronic devices? Which is better, have your kids play mindless games with no results at the end? Or to have them learn that what they love doing (playing games) can teach them the building blocks of coding? Well, I’ll speak for myself, I like to keep moving forward so this makes for a good blog post too.

If you (or kids) don’t want to read the instructions there are short videos to watch of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates giving you info. Did you know that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computer jobs and not enough people trained in computer science or programming? That gives more people without a CS degree but with experience an opportunity to get into the field of coding. Go on, give it a try, if anything it will help you think differently about what goes on behind your smart phone and that tablet them young’ins keep playing with. #


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