Wordcamp Orlando 2014 Day 2

I’m here at Wordcamp Orlando, FL 2014 and it’s Day 2. I’ll post on Day 1 later on. It’s been a while that I have neglected my blog but since I’m trying to catch up on the WP and blogging world I thought I’d make a quick post between speakers. Wordcamp Orlando 2014


The first day’s speaker was @rkoffy on Express Yourself: Developing Your WordPress voice.  It’s Saturday so I missed a bit of the beginning but I’m reminded to do the work up front for your blog and be sure to interact with other social media to have my voice heard. Since I write for many sites as an freelance writer when I blog for myself my voice is a bit different.

I’ll need to make a few points of checking my automation for whatever I post that it goes to other social media sites like Google+ and Twitter. I prefer to choose which ones go on my personal  FB page. That said, it’s time to dust off the keyboards to my blog and get kicking again. It’s always good to hear more than the technology/developer/designer side and today’s  workshops are a bit more about monetizing, growing traffic, how to make a business with your blog and with using WP. I’m inspired, let’s see if life gets in the way!


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