Me? An Entrepreneur?

My thoughts on starting my own business and paying per task not for time spent.

timepiece prime time clock closeup watch

I've always thought about and have started my own business. However, not in the traditional sense of brick and mortar. I would have an internet based business so that I can cut overhead and not have to pay salaries. I prefer to do things by contract workers. Just pay for what you need. Employees are a waste of time to make money they spend time, and that's not alway productive.

The best way of making money and spending money on creating more business is by using your time and resources carefully. Which for me means paying for a service or task, not paying for people to take up space and do a "job", I want them to fulfill a need.

My business as a freelance writer allows me to do just this. I can be hired as a consultant to write for someone and get paid for that work as it's completed within their guidelines and deadlines; not just sit and wait for someone to tell me what to do and wait until the timeclock says I'm done.

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