An ‘aha’ moment


Who I think about

When I think of the phrase “aha moment” I think of Oprah. It’s interesting to note that it’s not a phrase or saying that she created, like the cook who kept referring to EVOO, which she meant as, extra virgin olive oil. The reason I or others might think of Oprah when you say what is you’re a-ha moment is that she says it on her television show often and she’s a very well known talk show hosts. If she weren’t it the words a-ha wouldn’t bring Oprah to mind.

First names only

While we’re on the topic of people who are known by their first names only – did you ever wonder how that occurs? Like the artist who tried to be known for her first name, Monica, it was so common people who say, Monica who?  But if you say, “Madonna, Cher, Oprah, Sting, Prince” – people actually don’t have to ask who, they say, “what about them?”

Brad’s Aha!

Now back to today’s topic, my recent aha moment. Well, I’ll have to think about that. Hmmm yes, time is ticking so it must not be that earth shattering that I can’t think of anything more recent then from the a couple of weeks ago when I read the opening letter from a book I’m going through, “My Life is Not My Own,” by Bill Bright.

So maybe this is not my aha moment, but that of one of Dr. Bright’s son, Brad Bright. Through Brad’s aha moment, I had my own. Brad talked about how he overhead a reporter ask his father, the founder of one of the largest international Christian organizations in the world, “Could you share a problem you face that the average Joe Christian can relate to?”  Dr. Bright’s response was that he had no problems.

According to Brad, he said the reported asked the same question in several different ways and was frustrated that Dr. Bright had the same answer. Finally, Dr. Bright told the reporter and said, “Young man, you need to understand something, I am a slave of Jesus. It is not the slave’s responsibility to be successful, but simply to do what the Master asks. When you understand this, you will realize you don’t have problems. All that’s left are opportunities to see the Master work.”

Became my Aha!

And this is what became my aha moment, the words of Dr. Bright, through his son’s memory of his own aha moment. Even though Brad was raised in the household of his father and had heard him speak many times, he never got what his father meant about being a slave to God until he overheard this interviewer ask his dad that one question, and Dr. Bright’s response.

I spoke with a long-time employee of Campus Crusade who said that when Dr. Bright was alive and would speak to the people, he would often refer to being a slave to Christ. She said that she didn’t read his book but was glad that there was an explanation of what Dr. Bright was referring to.  I am fortunate to have received a copy of the book because I volunteered at Campus and during the holidays, Dr. Bright’s widow, Vonette Bright sends out Christmas cards and gifts every year; of which I was helping package the mailings of her gift. In her gift package were two books, the one I’m talking about and the second is a book that she wrote called, “In His Hands.” Her Christmas card included a note with her photograph holding her favorite photo of her dear husband. Now that’s another story.


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