WordPress Challenge gets more published

Update on this post:
2014 Dec 6 – What I’ve discovered that if you have a challenge online that emails you every day and harrasses you, you may or may not continue the challenge.
I find if I set goals along with the challenge or a competition with other writers, I’m more likely to keep writing. Since I write for many different sites and as a freelancer, my full time job and belong to several “support” groups of bloggers, writers and online groups of interest – goal setting is really the key to keep writing regularly. Of course it helps to have topics to write about when new things are going on all around you to write about that particular day or series of speakers at a conference and things you pulled from a workshop or talk that you attended.
So the Tip of the Day is not only join a challenge like #postaday but set goals for the week or month and allow yourself a break and reward system so that you have a sense of accomplishment with whatever you’re working on. Then and only then will I feel that I have accomplished a good thing for my writing and keeping up with personal blogs or journey type blogs that are not a “have to” but a “get to”. Good luck!

2011 – Since I got a late start working on my #postADay2011 challenge, I’ve been writing several topics a day to catch up. I thought I’d use most of them for my daily blog posts, but then as all good things are, I find that I can use my blogs as articles that I write for payment on Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN).This is great, but now I have nothing to post on my blog – that’s funny in a good way.  My initial thought was answer the questions on the topic of the day and it would be short and random. Then after I was completed with that I could write an article or two that I may get ideas from in which they would be appropriate for payment.The last two went straight to YCN and I’ll wait until it gets reviewed and I get paid, hopefully, then I’ll post it back partially on my blog and refer back to YCN as I also get paid for page views.

I want to thank the people who came up with the idea of the post a day challenge for 2011, it is not only helping me post more often to my blogs, but it’s helping me make money and keep my flow as a freelance writer going well from the start of this great year 2011. Cheers!


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