Do you prefer to talk or text?

Interesting topic, it depends on how fast I need information and who I need to contact and whether or not the other party has the ability to send and receive texts. But then again that’s being rational. The straight answer is I prefer to text everything. I love it so much that I will text even urgent matters to my husband as he’s a texter too. Is that even a word?  My husband likes to text, then uses it against me; cause I may not  remember something I said, or worse texted, and then he has proof!


I know that there’s an alarming number of young people who stopped talking on their phones only to be found texting even when they are right next to the person they are texting. I don’t see a problem with that. However our 8-year-old is smarter than the average bear. She often asks us if we are texting each other in her presence as she’s figured out that we don’t want to discuss certain things in front of her and that was the next best thing to communicate to one another when we had to all be together.


There are of course times that I hate when people text. If you knew me, you’d know those are strong words as I dislike things, but I don’t hate things. Mainly I hate when people text and drive. It’s not only my pet peeve as I have seen and heard the dangerousness of this behavior. My husband does it often.


Once I was following behind him in my car, he was only one car in front of me and he texted me something. I couldn’t and don’t like to text back so I called him and asked him why he was texting me when he could call.


I thought the only reason in the past that he would text me was because he might not be able to have a verbal conversation while he was at work. But he said that he can text better then he could talk, even while he was driving. This is mainly an issue for me when we are in the same car and I’m the passenger and I see him texting and going off the road. He’s stopped doing it for the most part, unless he’s at a stop.  ~L


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