Top 5 Things TO-DO When Writing for the Internet

Top 5 things to think about when writing for the internet

1. Make a to-do list: “top five things” “10 best things” regarding your topic, think outline – easy and quick info so you don’t lose your reader.

2. Start off “free-writing”. This is an exercise where you write by hand (best as you’re not tempted by spell check and grammar check constantly underlining words you either misspelled or in grammatically incorrect. If you must type – just type whatever comes to mind on the topic you are writing about and don’t edit until you’ve got all your ideas out on paper, or computer.

3. KISS – some say Keep it Simple Stupid, others say Keep It Simple Sweetheart – that’s just a nice way to say, don’t repeat yourself. You’re not in grade school where you need to create a 500 word essay and by the time you finish your outline (200 words) you try to repeat what you just said.

4. While we’re on the topic of Outlines, that’s exact what you need to do. Write an outline and stick to it.  Bullet points and numbering “top 5 or top 10” and your topic – okay so I repeated #1 but you will thank me. KISS.

5. Don’t write like you’re writing a research paper. Online where Content is King. And ADD is not just a diagnosis for kids. The attention span of anyone online is to decide if they will read past your headline. Don’t summarize, say what you’re going to say, then point out each subject, then tell them what you said – just say it!


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